Sleeping theater "TheaterZzz, Ryogoku"

Under the concept of "a place where you meet Suki (suki) and the scenery is overlapping"

Three elements of tea, movies and travels are combined in one space,
Accommodation that discovers new possibilities by overlapping landscapes.

Opened as a mixed-use dormitory-type hostel at night.
I will tent and stay in a theater-shaped area with a screen.

During the daytime, the entire facility operates as a teahouse "CHASURU".
As a teahouse in the daytime, but only for the guests.
You can enjoy it as a bar at night.

At regular events, the entire facility changes to "THEATER".
Diverse people and local people from all over the world We will prepare content that can be enjoyed without gaps.

  • Facility name: Theater Zzz (Theater Zee)
  • Number of rooms: 16 mixed-sex tents (maximum 18 people capacity) / 1 room
  • ※ One room private use is possible, too
  • Price range: ¥ 3,500 ~ / 1 tent
  • ¥ 45,000 ~ / accommodation space reserved
  • Facilities: Chaya "CHASURU"
  • Opening date: planned for summer 2019